Wordpress blog not posting to social accounts, but testing OK?

I set up an automation to create a post on both Linked In and FB when I publish a blog. When I test it pulls in everything OK and a “test” post is posted to my accounts, but it doesn’t work when posting an actual blog.

I have published my flow and have tested by publishing and unpublishing a blog post, but no luck.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Are you using Webhooks as a trigger? If so, you should use the Live URL to trigger the flow, and the Test URL is only for testing the step.

There aren’t any webhooks used as a trigger.

The “New Post” trigger from Wordpress is a polling trigger that fetches new posts every 5 minutes (sync time based on your plan). Could you please publish the flow and create a new post to see if it works after the sync time?