Wordpress Automation....not every 5 minutes?

Hey guys, new user here and extremely casual software aficionado (i.e. 0 coding skills). I’m trying to implement this for my real estate business, and decided to start with the simple google sheet to wordpress integration.

I’ve tested each step individually, and tested the flow. It all worked. I keep adding new rows to the google sheet, hoping to see the engine run… and nothing. Is it really running every 5 minutes? Is my flow being blocked somehow post-publishing?

Hi Stephen,

Do you have some screenshots? Both from your setup in google sheets, as well in AP? On your pieces?

Also a screen shots of the runs page in AP please,

Kr bram

Hi @Stephen_Bernard and welcome to Activepieces!

Are you sure you are on the sheet you selected while setting up your flow? Then you published the flow, then you added the rows, then waited for the sync time to pass (5 minutes or whatever plan you’re on)?

If you confirm these, I think we need to debug your account, in that case, please send us a message from the same email you use with Activepieces to support@activepieces.com and the URL of the flow you’re running into issues with.

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