When using OpenAI, how long before it timeout?

When using OpenAI, how long before it timeout?

Hi @andy,

There are no timeouts for OpenAI, but there is a 10-minute timeout overall for the whole execution.

Could you please explain more about the issue you are facing? Is the run timing out? Any screenshots would be great.

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I encounter the issue sometimes during testing a piece, when the open ai run is longer than about 60 seconds. This is not and issue when the flow is published as it uses the 10

Got it. Thanks a lot @abuaboud and @Bram.

No, I’m new to the platform. And I just wonder if activepieces act like a different platform that I’ve used previously where they limit the timeout of each of their automation piece.

It’s a very good news to learn that activepieces don’t limit the timeout for each piece. And there is a VERY GENEROUS 10-minute timeout overall.


Hi @andy

Did you face this issue in all other platforms? Was it blocker your use case? I am curious

Yes, the use case is, I’m using a chatbot platform manychat to generate AI answer. And they limit external request wait time. So I often get request timeout error when openai requires more time to generate the result.

And because of that, i’m going make request to openai thru activepieces. Once i get the result, then I’ll send it back to manychat

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