Whatsapp to Google Drive

Hi, Looking for a developer/solution to connect whatsapp business api to google drive folders. Our need is to save whatsapp conversations with media files as pdf in google drive. Each new conversation should be sent in the same folder of gdrive. Also to transform/export all in pdf. Our conversations have text image files, image/text pdf, audio and plain text. When updated the conversation should be also triggered to update the folder of that specific ID/phone number. Scope is to transform all the conversations into txt files for summarization. Developer needs to setup all the flow.
Thank you

Hi, we have created the WeChat “piece”:
Tutorial: www.wa2brick.it
You can activate a free account: www.mail2wa.me
Support: support@netlab.it
We do not use the official META APIs.

Let us know how to help you
Thank you

Hi Paul,
If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here