What would the cost be......?

Hi Folks

Could anyone tell me what the cost might be to have a template built that would take the answers from a 10 question form…through a webhook…and into a directory site with API access?

I apologize if I’m not explaining in the proper terms as I am new and NOT a coder. :smile:

Just kind of a rough estimate would be great to know…thanks!


Hi @TimMan!

Certainly! Just so im correct in understanding your requirement:

  • You’re after a flow which will have form data come in from a webhook, which would then send the data into a directory website?

Something to note, we can also have the data come in from a Google Form or any other supported form software that activepieces supports too, which makes it more easier :slight_smile:

If thats the case, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, I would estimate about an hour of work at most, which would cost $25 from me

Thanks for the reply Shay!

This could be a much more efficient way for me to get things done :sunglasses:

I will gather all the relevant webhook and API data/documentation and show it to you. If you’re still thinking the same, there are certainly many other things I’d like to implement as well!

Have you used AP very long? Do you happen to know Python/Typescript and other relevant things that will make this process easier?



Shay is one of our oldest open source contributors at Activepieces. He contributed many pieces and is building flows to other customers. He saw this topic when I shared it to our Discord.

You can definitely share any helpful information as well, I just thought I could add some context to the topic.

@ashrafsam @Shay_Punter

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ashraf!

I will do my best to have all documentation and assets in proper order to make this as painless as possible for Shay.

If it works out, which I think it will, this will be fantastic!


Absolutely is :slight_smile: And I have been using ActivePieces since I believe March/April this year, and I do know typescript and can contribute pieces which i have done for the project! Also know many other languages too for any external services that could be built to compliment it too.

And all sounds good! Looking forward to viewing the documentation! You can send it over to my email at shay@shaypunter.co.uk :slight_smile:

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Did this task succeed? I’m interested in seeing if our marketplace is making any value at all.

Hi @ashrafsam @Shay_Punter

I’m just gathering the information for API documentation, etc. That seems to be the easy part.

I’m not sure exactly what Shay needs, but I have to find the best way to communicate the flow as well.

Maybe I’ll just send over what I have and let Shay tell me what he wants :bulb:

I think it would be easiest to let him just work inside my account since I already have the webhook part done…rather than going back and forth…yes?

Perhaps I’m overthinking this :grin:


I would agree that you should use software already contemplated by AP if possible. There are several ways to do this, but I have become a huge fan of airtable for how easy it is to make things work, versus google sheets

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