What if you put an AI Support Agent trained with the docs

I know you guys are working very hard and I thank you for that!

I was going true the docs and I realised I that our journey as customer would be WAY more pleasing with support!

So, what If you could train an AI with the docs and the discord and the community feed! If not yet to build the pieces, at least just to help understand how things work and how to troubleshoot our flows!

Just an Idea, It would ADD A GREAT VALUE to your offer for the coming SUMO DAY!

-Cheers team

We are running an experiment with InKeep for that. You can go to our docs and chat with the AI by clicking on Ask AI. It’s trained about different resources at our end.

However, our next focus is to make the docs much more comprehensive and increase its coverage for the different features and ins and outs of Activepieces.

Once we get there, the AI will be much more helpful and we’ll hopefully be able to add it inside the app as well.