Webhook with ReturnURL to redirect after form submission

I’ve been using an HTML form with Integrately webhook that uses a Return URL

so POST URL = https://app.integrately.com/a/webhooks/12345?returnUrl=https://mysite/thankyou.com

I cannot get this working using the ActivePieces webhook. I thought the Return URL is standard on a webhook.

1 Should this be working?
2. Is there a workaround to redirect the user to another web page after the HTML form submission?

Appreciate your help

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This feature is developed but not committed.
I asked for this a few months ago.
I vote for this +1 to be committed


Hi @Richard and @fay92800,

I have a workaround. You can specify the URL in the location, set the status to 301, and call the webhook URL using /sync.


The downside of using /sync is that it’s slower as it has to wait for the flow to finish running

Does that work for your use case?


@abuaboud yea that does work. That’s great, thanks. As you say, it’s a bit slow, but it should be ok.

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