Webhook not receiving

I tried to send a webhook to my “webhook trigger” from Postman and Make, but it was never picked up by activepieces, let me know what info need for debug


Hi @ahwork20230915

Is this the flow published? and what do you mean by not being picked? the flow doesn’t trigger or it doesn’t show in sample data?

no is not published, cause it can’t be setup due to the webhook trigger not receiving sample data


Sorry, another question. Just to make sure we are following the same steps, could you please copy the link and open it in a new tab in the browser? Afterward, go back to your flow and refresh the page. Do you see any sample data in webhook trigger?

Yes I did that, still failed

for testing purpose, I created a new workflow and set a new webhook trigger, I pasted the new webhook link and it can receive data properly

but this means I have to manually recreate the whole workflow again (which may work but not ideal)

would you like to investigate what’s going on with my original workflow?

It seems that the problem is, when I change the workflow trigger from something else to “webhook trigger”, it won’t work (doed not receive test data no matter how)

If I duplicate that whole workflow (with webhook as the trigger), the webhook trigger receive test data successfully

Maybe you want to investigate that

@ahwork20230915 Thank you for detailed response, moving this to bug.

Closing this, as this is already been fixed.

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