Webhook is not collecting

I have aapanel, nginx and wordpress on my vps.
I install activepieces by docker compose.

everything is good but the webhook trigger is not collecting.
my webhook trigger is http://my IP:8080/******************

I want to integarte activepieces with Instantly.ai

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@Todd, hard to say without seeing your flow or more information.

But I can confirm one common oversight (displayed in the webhook sidebar): if you are looking to receive a response from your webhook, you need to append /sync to the end of the webhook URL. You will also need to set up an HTTP piece at the end of your flow and set the return response as opposed to the send HTTP request.

Hopefully, this helps in some way, but without fully knowing more details. It is just purely guesswork.

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webhook is always testing trigger


When I use the webhook of https://cloud.activepieces.com/************, everything works fine even without adding sync.

@Todd, it does seem a strange one.

The webhook constantly testing the trigger would suggest to me that it isn’t receiving the data. After you click test, I assume you go to the other end and send the data/response or do whatever the other end needs to do when testing the webhook?

Here is a small gif of what I mean by using Postman to send test data to the webhook with the /sync appended:


Note: If the image is hard to see, right-click it and click open image in a new tab to view it in full size.

You can see that when it receives the data successfully, the sample test changes to successful and displays the data in the output.

Perhaps you can run some tests in Postman and test the webhook with and without the /sync. As I don’t know the specific needs, you will need to determine if you need to test GET or POST, etc., but at least you will be able to verify the webhook can receive data; then you know that maybe the problem lies in the app on the other end and not ActivePieces? Just a suggestion.

I hope this helps, but if not, maybe food for thought.

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