Webhook doesn't return a response

Hey folks,

I have a simple flow where the trigger is a Webhook, and the last action is the webhook response.

The flow is very temperamental. Sometimes it returns the webhook response, sometimes it doesn’t.

I need it to return responses consistently as it’s acting as an API for my autoresponder (and returns dynamic values in the webhook response).

Here’s an example run where there was no response: sGWgm3Fm4Fvg0KSG1kXaz.

Could you please have a look?


Did you add /sync to the end of the webhook URL when you send the request?

So, this is Drip querying the end-point that I set up with ActivePieces. I instructed them to query with /sync appended at the end. I’m assuming they are doing git. Is there a way for me to check what the inbound request was from any of the run data? just to double check.

Yes, you can go to Runs in your dashboard and find the run then click on the first step (Webhook) and see what Input data it has. Hope this helps!

Where does the endpoint (with the “/sync”) how up? I’m not asking for any input data from Drip - they just send a post request with a “/sync” appended to the end-point. The body is empty, there are no params.

Hi @Evgeny can you try again and let me know if you still have the issue?

ok, this is mostly fixed. On a rare occasion there’s a failed run, but I’d say it’s mostly working. What was the problem?

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