Webhook catch not creating “new row” in AiTable.ai

I have a webhook set up to catch a form submission
From there it should make a new row in AiTable and then also send a gmail notification

The gmail gets sent and the info from the form I selected is showing.

However. The aitable row action seems to be skipped.

When I “test the flow” it works but when I go to the form it’s self and make a submission it only triggers the gmail automation

Help lol such a simple use case

Form submission
Row created
Email sent

Hello @Anthony_Joseph , Welcome to the community :wave:,

Could you please check the details of the flow runs by clicking on Runs ? It will show any errors that occurred in the AITable step. Please post an image/screenshot of the error here; it will be helpful to debug the issue.


When I run test flow it says successful.

And does all the steps. However, when the form is filled out from my website. It doesn’t work.
The form sends successful every time. I tested and active pieces works when testing.

But Live run. Skips AiTable

@Anthony_Joseph Did you publish your flow? If yes, then you can see Live run details by clicking Runs button.

Let me know which error you see in Run Details panel.

It says code 400 died crm (name of the field that is connected to another sheet in AiTable) not not be empty.

what is type of this crm field in datasheet? Is it required field for inserting row?