Webhook bug not allowing me to save automation

Hi, i have an automation i created.
Automation id in the url is: pXc4N21qJUSTkjphK75wT


It showing me this after i save a webook, I have created another automation and when i used a webook there again i had the same bug.

It seems like i get an error about a setting the moment i save the automation and than i can’t save it again. If i replace the webhook it allow me to save but than again i am getting an error after saving it once.

(Happened on two differnt automation i created but working well on old automations)

@FOXKILL_FOXKILL have you tried replacing the trigger with another, then switch it back to webhook? Also, are you running in the cloud or running on your server?

Did that now, i still having problems with that.
Seems like something change recently and the platform shows settings errors where it should not (I also see some problems on smtp sometimes).

I am using the cloud version


This should be fixed now, If you still see the issue replace the trigger with something else and change it back It should be working.

Thank you,

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