Webflow Collections

Also, what’s the deal with trying to add Webflow Collection items. It doesn’t show the fields to map collection items to at all. I’ve also tried this multiple times. I was left with having to use the deprecated Webflow API to handle this.

Hello @Dan_Mullaney2 ,

If items are not appearing even after selecting the collection name and site name from the dropdown, could you please try refreshing the page after selecting both dropdown fields and see if it works?


Hello @kishanprmr and @Dan_Mullaney2 , Im facing the same problem, once I select “Create an item in a collection”, it dont appear any mapping details.

Did you resolve this issue? I have the same problem and not sure how to correct this.

No I don’t think so, @kishanprmr @Abdul

me neither, is this issue on the map? :slight_smile:

Its have been more than 2 months with this issue:

Webflow is totally OFF in AP