We launched a new website, feedback?

Hi everyone!

Many of you noticed the Activepieces new website and sent us very kind words about it :partying_face:

BUT … what do you actually think? What is GOOD and BAD about it?

I’d like to learn how you exactly perceive it

@ashrafsam I really like the new website. It has a clean and professional look.

– Here are a few comments about the website:

– I think the pricing page could be simplified:

  • Team, (Pro, Enterprise)
  • Agency (user seats)
  • Embed (Startup plan, users)
    (Hosted, self hosted)

– It’s as if a visitor has 6-8 options to consider before clicking on the “Contact Sales” or “Start” button.
I believe that using a more traditional comparison chart to display the differences in the plans would make this page simpler.

–There are some small UI issues when viewing the website on my Galaxy phone. The mobile version looks fine on desktop, but the header menu appears broken when I access it through mobile phone chrome. Here’s a screenshot:2024-03-10_10-50-16

Overall, the new website is much nicer and cleaner than the old site. I really like the direction Active Pieces is heading in, and I’m confident that both the website and the platform will continue to improve over time!

Keep up the amazing work!

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Thanks @David_M for the nice words and the comprehensive feedback.

I’ll re-look into the pricing soon and think how we can simplify it, I heard similar thoughts from other people: “Why do I need to keep clicking on the tabs to compare features and pricing?”

It makes sense but the way we perceived it is that they are totally different use cases. It looks that users don’t perceive it this way though, so we have to adapt I guess!

I didn’t notice the design glitch on smaller devices, I’ll check it out and fix it soon too

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