Vtiger Self Hosted Pieces

I am looking to part-fund and make the Vtiger Pieces available to the community.

I would like to see each of the trigger / action that Make.com provides for Vtiger self-hosted / community edition: https://www.make.com/en/integrations/vtiger


Watch Records
(Triggers when a record is created or updated.)


Create a Record

Delete a Record

Get a Record
(Return the data of a specified record of selected module.)

Update a Record
(Updates an existing record.)

Make an API Call
(Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.)

Search Records
(Retrieves records of selected module that match specified criteria.)


That is awesome that you are willing to help fund adding a piece that would benefit the entire community.

While I have not heard or used vtiger, it is good to see that you like it so well that you want it included in community.


Vtiger (self-hosted) is an amazing CRM. It is a fork of of SugarCRM since 2004. The open-source community edition is popular with charities and non-profits as well as SMEs, this is why I want to make Vtiger ActivePieces available. I am pleased to announce that @Shay_Punter at Punter Digital has agreed to take on this project!


Unfortunately it looks like this project is over. The developer I hired @Shay_Punter has disappeared with my 25% upfront payment.

@Plato39 check [Service] Shay Punter's ActivePieces Service - #11 by Shay_Punter

Don’t Quit!

I think you just got unlucky on the first try (same happened to me with the same developer). It’s unfortunate, but I think he just got overwhelmed.

I’d love to be able to crowdfund a couple of pieces, and it should be doable here.


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OK - Giving this another go. I’ve advertised the job on Upwork. If anyone is interested please apply here: https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~01b5140693e94d0520

I am pleased to announce that @kanarelo has taken on this project. We are in testing phase right now!


Due to the complexity of this project we are now looking at an early January community release date.

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If there is something you need to understand about our Pieces framework, don’t hesitate to ask @MoShizzle

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Thanks @ashrafsam. @kanarelo is a contributor to Activepieces so very familiar with the framework. It is the lack of Vtiger documentation that is the problem. But we will get there.


I am pleased to announce that the Vtiger piece is now available! Vtiger Integrations - Connect your apps with Activepieces

Still some tweaking to do, but it is mostly done. Thanks to @kanarelo for all your work and continued help with this.


Sorry for the delay @Plato39, I havent been feeling well, but I am back.

Will work on the flows to clear them today after this PR is merged