Vote limitation on “Feature Request”? WTF!

I tryed vote in a important function for me, but said: “
You are out of votes, remove a existent vote”

This not make sense, i don’t make alot of votes, maybe 3 or 5 and now i can’t vote in others.

Please, remove this nonsense limitation here in the community

I can’t vote to this because limit reached. The irony.

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Hahaha @tav

Thanks @cristofari for the posting! Well, I agree that this is a limitation. This comes by default with the voting plugin of Discourse (the software we use for this community). I’ll read some discussions about the theory behind this and how it works and see what we should do.

I think one great benefit of limiting votes is that you prevent the top ideas from remaining at the top forever in case other more important things arise. If you have the ability to vote to everything without limits, you will limit to the top ideas even if they’re only nice to have, so they’ll always remain at the top.

Ok, i undertand and you have a point here.

But maybe you can increase a little, like 5 or 7 votes. Because i think i voted in 3 topics.


funny how, this only affects people who cant vote for it! :rofl:

i’ll use my last vote for it… its like wishing a genie for more wishes

Hi everyone @here

I’m sorry! I didn’t increase the allowed votes earlier but I’ve just done it.

The number of votes community members are allowed to give are tied to their Trust Level which is a metric that gets assigned to users automatically the more they engage with the community here.

Here is a preview of what these settings were per Trust Level (tl):

And here are the new ones:

Enjoy voting!


For the nature of feature requests (app integrations) the limit is still low, but it’s a step in the right direction. Thank you for the update @ashrafsam

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@tav I personally love how Discourse (our community software) runs capabilities per Trust Level as this lets the community grow in a healthy way.

I’m happy to hear more details on how you think this should be adjusted if you think there is a better way or better numbers.

I also appreciate the numbers based on trust level.

Add 5 to each and that will be a healthy number.

Thanks for the explanation and your support. Can you now explain or point to documentation on how to increase ones tier level?

Also, is there a way to set the limit based on a timed interval? If I’m an active member and max out the votes in my tier does that max carry forever until the next tier? That doesn’t sound right to me.