VBOUT - Integration (popular Email Marketing App)

VBOUT is a popular Email Marketing app. Please add integrations for:

Add Contact to List
Create Email List
Create Email Marketing Campaign
Create Social Media Message
Get Contact by Email
Unsubscribe Contact
Update Contact
Add Custom Event to a Contact
Update Contact with Custom Fields
Add Tags to Contact
Get List Details With Custom Fields

I agree. This is at a much higher tier when compared to something like MailerLite, GetRsponse, or Aweber.


Yes, please. This is a big one.

Agreed !

I’m in between go high level and vbout. Vbout has a lot of power and lower overhead, it will only get bigger! We deff would love to see vbout connection. The make a call or send sms would be clutch as well

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VBOUT is an up and coming major player; I’ve used a number of solutions and this one is exceptionally good. Would certainly get my vote. I’d also like to integrate this with Feedly (https://feedly.com/) which is a major news aggregator.