Variables storage

Hi all,
Not sure if “variables” is the right term, but my usecase is:

Webhook receives contact info via Flowlu and the problem is, that custom field text is not available as plain text, instead its just numbers. For example:

Contact info:
Germany: 523
Australia: 191
Belgium: 300


so I need to figure out a way to “store” these variables somewhere and return based on the given number. Getting them would be easy…but where could I store them?


check this

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thank you! But…where can I see the items in this database?

As far as I know, there isn’t a button yet where you can view the individual values of the variables. I do this by having the values displayed to me in the scenario using get. You can retrieve the values with get. In the Key field, you must enter the exact variable name you used before.

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