Use Dall-E 3 image in Linkedin Posts (getting file from filelink)

Because I just get the link to the image but not the image file itself, I can’t post it on Linkedin with Image automatically.
Any way around that? To get the file from a link.

Would also be useful in other instances.

Any solution for the video from the linq also?

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Yeah - for videos it would also be extremely useful. Link to file in activepieces so I can post it somewhere automatically. (like Linkedin).

I figured out a workaround. You’ll need a free account.

  1. After the OpenAI Dall-e generation, do the HTTP request piece and make it a POST, use the URL with the body type Form Data with the form data:
    pub_key (then put your public key you get from uploadcare in the value field)
    source_url (then put the URL from OpenAI in the value field)
    store (put “auto” in the value field)

  2. Make another HTTP request and make it GET, use the URL and use the Query Param “token” with the value as the token from the result of the previous step. Put body type to None

  3. To retrieve the image, in the area of the next piece where it asks for the image URL, here is the format:[Uploadcare body uuid]/[Uploadcare body original_filename]

And that should work!


Does that workaround still work for you? I gave it a try, but in step 2 I’m being blocked by this error:

body {3}
status : error
error : HTTP client error: 403.
error_code : DownloadFileHTTPClientError