Use-chatgpt-to-write-long-blog-posts-on-wordpress-1500-words Model

I’m following this guide

but it asks for Model:

This step is not in the guide… what should I choose?

Hi @andrusito The most popular models for ChatGPT are 3.5-turbo and 4.

GPT-4 is more accurate, has better reasoning and is trained on more data. However, it’s more expensive and might not available in your OpenAI account (as far as I know, you need to request access to it).

So choosing gpt3.5-turbo is a great start. Anything 4k/16k/32k represents the size of the token allowed in the input and the output. So the total token size needs to be within this capacity.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Maybe also good to know that the GPT 4 API model is not available for every user. Only for users who made payments to Open AI with the API before June 2023 if I am correct.

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