Use ChatGPT to automate writing long blog posts on WordPress (1,500+ words)

please try to help me with that template
my chain is getting error on stage 3. code
what should I type into that stage ?

Hi @yacov

It’s very difficult to debug the issue without actually looking at all the different flows and how you’ve integrated them.

Would it be possible for you to export and share this flow?

Anyways, since the issue is at step 3, try to run this code and see if it works.

Replace the value of chatgpt variable with the actual response content text value you get from chatGPT.

export const code = async (inputs) => {
  const responseObject = JSON.parse(inputs.chatgpt);
  return responseObject;

works great . thanks
can I hire you as a freelancer to our projects

Hi @yacov

Sure you can, I created a post recently in Marketplace regarding the same Supercharge Your Workflow with ActivePieces Automation!

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