Upgrading Documentation wording Suggestion

I got a banner to update my version from 0.26 to 0.26.1.
That link (~/docs/install/options/upgrade) directed to the documentation; however, it was not on the upgrade page nor upgrading section, but on the welcome page of documentation.

I used Ask AI and it paraphrased the content from the upgrading page that luckily it also referenced.

It must be just me or the wording and formatting of the Upgrade section would benefit from revision to make is clearer.

For some reason, the link for breaking changes link is also landing on the documentation welcome page.

Here is my suggestion to this section of the content:


To upgrade to new versions, which are installed using docker compose, perform the following steps. First, open a terminal in the activepieces repository directory and run the following commands.

1. Run the update script

sh tools/update.sh

Manually pull the new docker compose file:

git pull

2. Pull the new images:

docker compose pull

3. Review changelog for breaking changes

Please review the Breaking changes document.

4. Run the updated docker images:

docker compose up -d --remove-orphans

Congratulations! You have now successfully updated the version.

Hi @TomB

Great suggestion, the docs are available on our repository activepieces/docs at main · activepieces/activepieces · GitHub

feel free to open a pull request :smiley:

Hi @abuaboud
I’m too much of a newbie to know how to pull push stretch request.
I’m lost in what you just suggested
Sorry, whoever wants to get credit for improving the wording of the documentation, please go right head.

FYI @abuaboud even after following the step in the documentation it still says

WARN[0000] /home/dr/activepieces/docker-compose.yml: `version` is obsolete

When I checked the file on github it does state 0.26.0 and not 0.26.1
Here is the link:

Someone just made the pull thing.

Done, now it’s merged

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Wow that was fast
@abuaboud I was wondering, why is the docker-compose.yml state version 0.26.0 while the lastest one is 0.26.1?

@TomB This is also fixed :smiley:

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Am I missing something?

I am self-hosted. I have a message to upgrade AP.
I go to the documentation (which is back to the bad formatting)
I ran :

sh tools/update.sh

Now when I go into docker.compose.yml, it say:

image: ghcr.io/activepieces/activepieces:0.26.1

shouldn’t it be 0.28.0?

This time the error is not on GitHub.