Upgrade to latest version "Self-Hosted" version using AWS Pulumi

Hi there,

I am using AP using pulumi and AWS, everything was fine,

Until today,

Today our AP was weird, when I logged in, it was showing the “TEAM” tab on the left side, and once I cleared cached, it gone.

Once I clicked URL that I have stored in my browser history, it was asking for an email and ROLE like Editor Admin, when I tried to add it was saying:

Internal error occurred please contact support@activepieces.com

I have 2 questions:

  1. Why the upgrade auto rollback?

  2. and How I can upgrade my AP to latest version?


Hi @John ,

The upgrade didn’t roll back. In one of the versions, there was an issue in the frontend where it displayed the “Teams” tab when the feature shouldn’t be there. That’s why you later got the error because the backend endpoints is not there.

I believe what you have now is the latest version.

Hi Abuaboud, thanks for your kind reply.

When I hit the url /team I see the interface.

See the screenshot here: Markup 2023-11-07 at 00.57.36.png - Droplr

so how its appeared and then disappeared ?? isnt it weird?

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Hi @John

Did that icon appears and disappear in latest version?