Understanding of loops

Hi all

Trying to figure out how my loop should work but I kept on stucked on a single item.

  1. I have an array with each item having 3 subitems

  2. trying to loop each item in the array

  3. not matter whether I test item or the entire flow, it loop through all items but repeating the content of the first one

I guess it’s because I can’t select custom path step_4.item.link (element in each item) and I can only select the element in 1st item.

Is there a workaround?

Hi @luvhex,

I think I found the issue. It is in here:

You should map the field from the loop piece not the CSV piece. If the loop set-up is correct, the loop piece should show you 1 item (the first), you need to map the required field from the loop piece. When the loop will run it will map the same field for the other items too.

Please give that a try and let us know the outcome.

KR Bram



Thank you for your call out! I was experiencing the same issue and I was not looping on the Loop Step.

I hope this worked for OP, but it def worked for me.

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Thanks @Bram it works perfectly


Can you mark the solution @luvhex ?

@luvhex please put a snapshot of the solution/change you made to fix the flow