Unable to update Mailchimp subscriber after Tidycal booking

Hi there. I’m using Mailchimp triggers after the new revamp. I’m trying to update old subscribers with a new tag after they book an appointment on Tidycal. I also want to add new subscribers to my list after booking.

Unfortunately, when I try to generate sample data by testing the steps, I get the error: “Testing Failed.”
Output: “Bad Request”.

Is there a problem on your end to pull data from the Mailchimp API?

Please could you help with this. I have posted in the Discord server as well. I appreciate your assistance.


Hi @HadarSwersky

Sorry for late reply, Just to confirm I tested on “Update Member in An Audience (List)” on my account and it’s working, so seems the issue with the settings.

Can you please screenshot the settings panel on the right side, that would help me find the problem immediately.

Thank you,

Hi Mo,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve uploaded a screenshot here (it seems I can only upload one image). It’s both “Update member” and “Add member” that show a “Bad request”. I’m testing with an email address that’s already on our list.


Hi @abuaboud, any updates? It still says “Testing Failed” when I test the steps in the flow.


Hi @HadarSwersky

Sorry I missed the notification for your replies, The issue is in Update Member Status


You are selecting the title as status which is the title value is not one of the mailchimp option, press on (X) again and select one of the option in the dropdown it will work, or make sure the title is one of the status.

Let me know if that fixes the issue.

Regarding Add Member to an Audience, It might be the email is already on the list that why it’s failing.

I am wondering why mailchimp is not returning proper errors, Let me fix that so it’s clear for other users.

Can you try another email and see if it’s works?

Hi @abuaboud, thanks for getting back to me. I changed the setting for update member status, and the test worked.

But now, I’m not seeing any “update” in mailchimp? If I choose “subscribed” from the list, the contact is already subscribed, so nothing changes. I need to update the existing subscriber with a new mailchimp tag, for example. So when the member is tagged with the new tag, it triggers an automation in mailchimp to send an email.

Should I try the step “Remove subscriber from tag”? I’ve just tried that and it says testing failed, “tag_names.map is not a function”.

Please advise.


Hi @HadarSwersky

I am not that familiar with mailchimp, can you please book a call Mohammad Abu Aboud | Cal.com

That would be faster to resolve

Hi @abuaboud

Thank you for getting back to me. My marketing manager will discuss it with you and I believe he has booked an appointment.

Many thanks,

Hi @HadarSwersky

Thank your team for taking the call, All issues are fixed and we released new action called Add Subscriber to Tag which should also solves the end to end use case.

Thank you againi!

Hi @abuaboud,

Thanks for letting me know. But it seems the Add Subscriber to Tag action is not available yet? I can’t see it in the dropdown menu.


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@HadarSwersky Shit, I forgot to press push :smiling_face_with_tear:

Version (0.3.3) is now released and I confirm it’s on the cloud