Unable to get trigger Link

I am trying to get new videos notifications from YouTube channels to automatically appear on my Discord server via the Send Message Webhook, however I’m unable to get the Trigger Link to be input in the Message field to get it to work.

Appreciate any assistance on this

Hello @Josh , Welcome to the community :wave:,

You can obtain the Webhook URL for the send message action from the server settings. You can follow the guide provided in this blog.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Yes, I am able to get the Webhook URL from the Discord server settings interface.

I was trying to follow the guide in the blog from the link you provided and I’m currently stuck at the message field step, which according to the guide I should be filling that field with a link from the Trigger step.

I created my flow using the YouTube integration template, and my flow currently only consist the YouTube block and Discord block.

Appreciate your assistance

You can utilize trigger data to generate the desired message for Discord. When you hover over the message field, it will display fetched trigger data, such as the title and link of a new YouTube video. You can then use this data to create a message for a Discord channel. You can refer to the Data Mapping Guidelines for reference

I’m unable to hover over the message field as I’m on mobile and do not have access to a computer. Is it still possible to do it?

@Josh, if you click on the message field, it will open the Data to Insert panel. From there, you can select data from previous steps.

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