Unable to convert Json to Text

I am getting data into webhook in json format. I am trying to convert to text from json using the json to text module, but always getting the error that not formatted correctly. Should be a quick fix, but a bit lost!

Have had to shorted in for this post, but
This is the test data coming to my webhook. If I miss out the conversion step, it sends correctly by email.
“body”: {
“id”: 820982911946154500,
“name”: “#9999”,
“note”: null,
“tags”: “tag1, tag2”,
“test”: true,
“email”: “jon@example.com”,
“phone”: null,
“token”: “123456abcd”,
“app_id”: null,
“number”: 234,
“refunds”: ,
“user_id”: null,
“currency”: “USD”,
“customer”: {
“id”: 115310627314723950,
“note”: null,
“tags”: “”,
“email”: “john@example.com”,
“phone”: null,
“state”: “disabled”,
“currency”: “USD”,
“last_name”: “Smith”,
“created_at”: null,
“first_name”: “John”,
“tax_exempt”: false,
“updated_at”: null,
“tax_exemptions”: ,
“verified_email”: true,
“default_address”: {
“id”: 715243470612851200,
“zip”: “K2H7A8”,
“city”: “Ottawa”,
“name”: “”,
“phone”: “123-123-1234”,
“company”: null,
“country”: “Canada”,
“default”: true,
“address1”: “123 Elm St.”,
“address2”: null,
“province”: “Ontario”,
“last_name”: null,
“first_name”: null,
“customer_id”: 115310627314723950,
“country_code”: “CA”,
“country_name”: “Canada”,
“province_code”: “ON”
“queryParams”: {}

Hi @Ben_Shaffer

Can you try to press on (X) and refer the variable there directly, does it work?

I did try that, but it seems to just return the json. See screenshot:

I think it worked correctly, but the UI seems to be figuring that it can be transferred to JSON and displayed as JSON.

@Abdul, I think we need to improve this.

No. It’s not working correctly. See email in image attached.

Hi there @Ben_Shaffer, I am about to rollout an update to fix the way the string is displayed, do you mind telling me what are you trying to do ? like why are you transforming the json body of your webhook to string then sending it in an email ?

It’s actually just to be user-friendly. I am sending an email with the data, and I want to be able to scan through it fast rather than have to convert it to text in my mind and have difficulty finding the info I want.

why not attach it as a file ?

It would still have to be formatted correctly to convert from the json.

could you please explain “formatted” ? as in “beautified JSON” ? or you just want it to be a string ?

Something like:
Variable 1: Value 1
Variable 2: Value 2
See screenshot:

I see, this is not what (JSON to text) action is meant to do, it is just meant to transform the value to a string of characters, if you wouldn’t mind share this flow with me and I can do something in a code step.

I’m not sure how to share. Does this help?

Hello, you can share it doing this:


here, try this @Ben_Shaffer https://cloud.activepieces.com/templates/8YnDeqsUE02EArrVZlgjz

Unfortunatley, just gives me the text each time:
vv 15
v true
x 10
newProperty oldProperty