Unable to Catch Webhook

I am new - first time using active pieces - a bit confused - trying to catch a webhook and use the URL triggered from another app i use - but when i use the “webhook” piece, it only gives me a new URL… there is nowhere for me to enter in the URL i generated from my other app.

I checked for an HTTP module - but it seems there is none?

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I first need to better understand what you are trying to do, are you planning on sending data to the other app or are you trying to receive data in Activepieces?

If you want to send data from the other app to Activepieces you need to use the Webhook piece, and implement the webhook URL into the other app so it knows where to send data to.

If you want to send data/trigger something in your other app from activepieces, you can use the HTTP Piece. You then have to set the method to POST and put in your ‘webhook url’ from the other app into the ‘URL’.

Let me know if that worked and help you!

KR Bram

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