Unable to activate new team members (stuck in pending after sign-up)

Hi there,

I’ve had an issue where two separate team members were able to Sign Up, but when attempting to Sign In, it shows this screen:

They said verification message never arrives, so I tested it myself with another new team user of an account that I control hosted on MXRoute so that I can see how mail is processed and this isn’t working as well. It appears clicking the Resend Verification Email actually triggers the email to deliver.


  • In my admin account, I create a new Team user
  • Email to sign up is delivered, team member clicks link
  • Team member signs up
  • Screen hangs on ‘sign up’ step
  • Attempting to sign in shows “Please check your inbox for the verification code”
  • First Email never arrives
  • Resend Email does arrive
  • Clicking Verification Email link shows “Email Verified” message and redirects to Sign in screen
  • Signing in spins infinitely
  • Team member still shows as Pending within my admin account’s Team dashboard page

Hi @Zack I am taking look will reply soon!

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Hi @Zack can you please send the team member email to support@activepieces.com

Thank you! Just sent the details.

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