Two-way Google Calendar Sync


I would like to do a two-way sync between two google calendars (A & B)

In such a way that

  • When a new event is added or updated on Calendar A, it syncs to Calendar B (automation 1)
  • When a new event is added or updated on Calendar B, it syncs to Calendar A (automation 2)

I created the above automations, however, it’s creating an INFINITE LOOP.

So how do I create a 2-way sync with 2 Google Calendars?

The way I’d think about this is to mark the automatically added even by some words or attributes.

For example, when I copy an event from the other calendar, I’d add [Sync] to the title and if this exists, I won’t re-create it in the other calendar.

This is a simple way to think about the prevention but I’m sure there are so many advanced mechanisms to do it too.

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Hi Ashraf,

Thanks for your quick response. I’m looking for a filter mechanism to filter out those that have [sync] - how do I do this?


The Branch piece is the easiest way to do this! @Elma_Pena

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Thanks so much! Done it!

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