Twitter post runs keep failing

Hello, I have setup a few flows that post tweets to a Twitter account using gpt4 to write the tweet. Only about 1 out of 10 runs successfully posts to the twitter account. It shows “undefined” as the output in the last step. Why do the runs keep failing?

The one thing i’ve noticed is that the Create Tweet steps shows as step_1 even if it is supposed to be step_4?

Maybe it has something to do with change to X/Twitter API change to V2? Twitter API endpoint map | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

Hello @aizona ,
could you please open a failed run and click on the twitter step itself ? in the screenshot you sent, it looks to me like you are clicking on the schedule trigger step and hovering over the create tweet step. also could you tell us how frequent this is flow is running as it could be twitter rate limiting the amount of tweets you can post.

Hi @Abdul , the screenshot is showing the clicked twitter step, the issue is that even though in this case it is step 5 it is showing as step_1, this might be a part of the problem, but the flow is successful 10-15% of the time. The trigger is setup as a Cron expression to run every 4 hours, 0*/4***.


I am having the same issue. I have a flow that will run everyday at 7 am to tweet something from chatgpt. The failed piece always the last one, whcih is twitter. I need to always manually click “Test flow” to make it work. I tried re-connecting, but to no avail.

@Abdul The success rate of runs is now 0%, is Twitter blocking Activepieces API? The flows run fine up to the point of posting the tweet, the error in the twitter step most of the time shows as “undefined”. The flows still use the gpt4 every time, using up tokens, but the post step fails each time now.

Can you for the time being stop the flow by clicking on the toggle next to the publish button ?
and please send me your emails in DM if you don’t mind so we can debug the issue, thanks for your patience and understanding.