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I’ve got a website I just set up for a client ( that feeds to Facebook and Twitter when they post a new post, being written with ChatGPT. When it works (90% of the time) it works great!

It’s run correctly probably a dozen times today, but 4 or 5 times it posted AS IF it was supposed to post, but didn’t get fed information, like this:

(5) Gadsden Herald (@GadsdenHerald) _ X and 57 more pages - Personal - Micr.. 2024-01-16 at 7.59.38 PM

Any thoughts on what is causing that? (It’s a political news website, ahving nothign to do with wellness tips etc.)

@Justin_West its hard to say for sure without seeing your flow or at least without some more information about it.

When the new post has been created and published, is that was caused the trigger to run?

If so, do you fetch the specific URL of the post and embed it in the output?

Also, if you look at the link for the site, I can’t see anywhere on the page a post related to drinking water or staying hydrated. Could it be the post isn’t published?

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So, it’s still doing it:

That link is a 5 minute video of me walking you through all of the steps. It is connected both to a twitter account and a facebook account and the facebook account is not getting the hallucinated urls but the twitter account is and I can’t figure out why because they’re all in the same flow together

I was able to get it to stop doing random posts about staying hydrated by changing some details about the role of the chatgpt author, but it’s still quite literally hallucinating fake urls

@Justin_West, Just watched your video and left a couple of comments on it, which I will further elaborate on here:

Comment 1:

One thing springs to mind here: check the [1. New Post Link] is definitely connected to the correct post URL from WordPress.

From your test data, it did seem to be pulling it out correctly. A better approach I would recommend taking here is to remove the URL part from the ChatGPT step altogether because it really isn’t needed there, as all you want to create is a post based on the Topic/Title.

Instead, what I would do is, in the pieces for social media (e.g., Facebook and X), after you have inserted the ChatGPT generated post result, also insert the URL:

[ChatGPT Output][1. New Post Link]

This should stop ChatGPT from having anything to do with the URLs and ensure it will always output the correct URL without modification.

Comment 2:

Have you made it past 30 days to test this yet?

The reason I ask is that when running a test flow in ActivePieces, it obviously simulates the flow and will run straight away. My only concern here is that I don’t think it will remember the state of the first run by the time it reaches running again 30 days later. So when it goes to repost, it will fetch the latest URL from 30 days later, and ChatGPT will create a new post based on that Topic/Title rather than reposting the same post from 30 days ago. (Hopefully, that makes sense.)

So what I would do here is, after the Delay piece, I would remove the ChatGPT piece altogether, and then you can have the Facebook and X pieces and set their output to the same as the above:

E.g.,: [ChatGPT Output][1. New Post Link]

This should ensure that it will only output the same post and URL again. Although you might be wise to run a few tests and ensure it outputs the same result, perhaps for a test, reduce the Delay to 1 day and see what it posts the next day to be sure. If it reposts the same post, you know you are good to go and can set it back to 30 days.

Hopefully, this helps or gives you something to think about at least.

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Although it is probably apparent, I should have also said that you likely want your post to say something like: “check out our link”, so I would just have a generic static text in place in the social media pieces like so:

[ChatGPT Output]
Check out our blog - [1. New Post Link]

For added variety, you could create a different CTA for each social media piece after the delay.

Thank you VERY much forth the advice. I’ll put it all into practice and see if it resolves (it’s stopped doing it…I’m curious if it was me running in-flow tests) But thanks, Gunner!

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So now, rather than hallucinating and creating fake posts, its just not creating ANY posts… If I “test flow” it works, but it’s not posting on it’s own… thoughts?

@Justin_West, hard to say without knowing a little more detail. I guess the first question to ask would be have you changed anything?

No, I’ve not. In fact, while leaving that flow up, I made an ALTERNATE flow that trigers from the RSS feed…and both of the OCCASIONALLY trigger, but not consistently.


Hmm, if you changed nothing, then that is strange.

All I can suggest is tracking the runs and checking the debug/logging to see if anything is amiss or if the flows are failing. If they do show as failed, then you can click them, and it will show you the step that failed and give you an error message as to why.

If they are running successfully or not, you might need support to take a look.

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Somebody suggested deleteing the twitter app and then readding it, it was version… 1.8 I think, and it’s currently 2.something… I did that, but its still not working, after workign fine for a while


If recreating the flow from scratch, or updating the piece doesn’t work, maybe you can look at the version history, marry it up to your message of where it stopped working, and then revert to the version just before this time. That should ensure at least that it uses the last known working version. (You may also be able to go to your runs and find the last version that worked properly for a more specific time and date).

Other than that, without having changed a thing, it’s impossible to say why it just suddenly stopped.

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