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Activepieces Flow Template: Streamer Live Notification to Discord

If you’re a streamer or a community manager, staying on top of when your favorite streamer goes live is crucial. With Activepieces, you can automate this process seamlessly. Activepieces, an efficient alternative to Zapier, offers various flow templates to streamline your automation tasks. One such powerful template is the “Streamer Live Notification to Discord” flow.

Template Overview

This template is designed to check if a specific streamer is live every 5 minutes (this interval is customizable). When the streamer goes live, the flow sends a notification to a designated Discord webhook. This ensures your community or followers are immediately informed about live streams, enhancing engagement and viewership.

How It Works

  1. Scheduled Trigger: The flow is set to run every 5 minutes by default. This interval can be adjusted according to your needs.
  2. HTTP Piece: This component checks if the streamer is live by making an HTTP request to the streaming platform’s API. You’ll need to input the streamer’s username here.
  3. Conditional Check: If the response indicates that the streamer is live, the flow proceeds to the next step.
  4. Discord Webhook: A message is sent to a specified Discord channel via a webhook, notifying everyone that the streamer is live.

Setting Up the Template

Follow these steps to set up and customize the template:

  1. Access the Template: Click here to access the “Streamer Live Notification to Discord” template on Activepieces.
  2. Customize the Interval: Modify the scheduled trigger to run at your preferred interval. This can be every 5 minutes, every hour, or any other interval that suits your needs.
  3. Update the Streamer Username: In the HTTP piece, replace the placeholder with the streamer’s username you want to track.
  4. Configure Discord Webhook: Set up a Discord webhook URL to direct where the live notification should be sent. Ensure this webhook is correctly configured in your Discord server settings.


  • Real-Time Notifications: Your community gets notified as soon as the streamer goes live, ensuring they don’t miss any action.
  • Customization: Adjust the checking frequency and streamer details easily to fit different use cases.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates smoothly with Discord, a platform widely used by gaming and streaming communities.


The “Streamer Live Notification to Discord” flow template by Activepieces is a must-have for streamers and community managers who want to keep their audience engaged. By automating the process of checking live status and sending notifications, you save time and ensure consistent communication with your followers.

Set up this template today to enhance your streaming experience and maintain active engagement within your community. For more details, visit the Activepieces template library.