Trying to connect simple template of Auto wordpress posting, but unable to connect at this stage

Hi I am using simple template provided in Activepieces to post in Wordpress via Googlesheet.

I have connected everything as mentioned, and also installed the JSON autho plugin as described.

I am using Hide My WP Ghost plugin, and my auth path is /Ghost - Login/ instead of /Wp-Admin/.

I am sure this is the issue here, but I have seen few members of the community changing the path in JSON auth plugin itself and also in Activepieces flow.

Does anyone knows how to change the path of admin login in either plugin or in Wordpress link in Activepices flow in connection?. Any help in relation to this is appreciable.

I suggest Active pieces to have some inbulit solution to the customize path in the Worpress section, as lots of community members use Hide my WP plugin.

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