Trying the template "create AI blog based on google sheets and make web page"

Ok i got it to automatically write blog posts (web pages). Is there any way I can do the following things:
1.add photos or (better) ai create images to put in th blogs when it posts them?
2. Create slideshows from these?

Hello @REIhomepage, welcome to our community :smiley:

Glad you found the template useful.

  1. I would recommend you use our stability AI piece to generate an image then plug its result to the Featured Media input for the Create Post action if you want it be the featured image of your post, also you could use the url for images in the post’s content :smiley:

  2. The Content input accepts HTML so you might be able to add a slideshow there, that’s something you would have to figure out by either manual HTML code or a code snippet from a plugin to which you could place the slideshow images in.

PS: if you are using the free tier of Stability AI, use this engine: stable-diffusion-xl-1024-v1-0