Trouble with further usage of generated images in the flow

Hey folx,
so I’ve been recently working on my actual first production flow, but I recently ran into an issue.
After feeding Stability Ai with a prompt and trying to attach the result to a mail/upload it to a drive, my flow ends up just adding a database link to my mail.

Since I’m not running locally, is there any way to get the actual image and use it further in the flow?
I understand that I can’t use acutal image data in the flow, but I don’t see any way of accessing the database link and getting the image from there.
The mail/drive is currently just a placeholder, so I can check results quickly.

Thank you for your time!

Yes, you can do it with the return, on a file. For example, a twitter post, use the return to post the image. I also am uploading the same to S3 Digital ocean for use in places that want a url

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Thanks Josh!
My http request/return knowledge is rather minimal, how would I go about that?
Or are you talking about some other return? Sorry if this is a super basic question, but I’m still struggling.

Please follow the image. You would use the piece from the image, with the db name to add it to a future step. There is no programming for that. The request was the image, the next request is whatever piece you are using, and the return, is referencing back to the original image being made.

Shoot me a message on telegram, if this is not clear. (same username)