Trigger X Minutes

Hello, I have a flow that is supposed to trigger every 360 minutes, but it triggers every 60 minutes, why is that?

Hey, we have that issue opened on Github and we will be fixing it soon, if you don’t mind for now, could you please switch to cron expression and use this instead, 0 */3 * * *, will notify you once we release the fix.

Maybe an addition, could you add , every X hours, days, week, month and so on? That would provide the full variation I think

It’s designed to run for minutes (1-60). Now it’s fixed, and the UI restricts the options from 1 to 60."

Edit: @Bram Good option, but I think it can be done by the cron expression, allowing a lot more options. However, since non-technical users can’t use cron expressions, I think we should add AI help as a code piece.

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