Trigger when a new email is received in Gmail

This action is useful when you want to send automated email responses based in some criteria. I used this same step in Zapier and

Shocked this isn’t there. In fact, I might have to move on from this solution as a result of not having this trigger.


Any update on this? Just looked and this is not a feature. Incredibly surprised this isn’t option one. I will have to use custom code or another tool to kick this off for emails?

Just found it. It is called IMAP. Need some tweaks and configs but it should work.

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As @OmniGnostiC mentioned, you can use the IMAP piece with the new email trigger to achieve this. This piece works with all email providers, for Gmail you’ll also have to setup a app password to use if you have 2FA enabled (you can find more information when you setup the connection for the IMAP piece)