Trigger Google Sheet when new row is not triggering (v0.9.0)

NONE of my triggers “Google Sheet trigger when new row is added” works no. At least those flows I have tested.

Trigger: Google Sheet , New Row Added, Version: v0.9.0

Does not AP handle when new rows are added at the same time to multiple sheets in the same Google Sheet Spreadsheet?

I have a ONE Google Sheet Spreadsheet with multiple “sheets”:

The “project” sheet is the master sheet, and I add a lot of information to that one via a form (Formaloo).

When I add a new row to that I get AP to set up different sub-tasks in multiple sheets in the same Google Sheet spreadsheet. But for some reason AP is not running flows that is triggered when I add a new row in these sheets via AP.

Is this a Google API limit, or what causes this?

Do I have to have a different Google Sheet spreadsheets for each sub-task, in stead of one Spreadsheet with multiple sheets?

This is a very important topic to me, as this breaks my business.

@abuaboud , do you have any insights in this? Or ideas I can test?

So to be clear:
I have one Spreadsheet, and multiple sheets in it.

I have one master sheet called “Projects”, and when a new row is added there I have set a schedule that every 10 minutes AP check for new rows there, and handle 1 row each time. It will then run one flow that will insert rows to different sheets in that same spreadsheet.

For each of the different other sheets I have one flow (one per sheet) that is set to trigger when a new row is added.

This does not work. They don’t run.

But if I add a new row manually to one of the sheets, I don’t know what happens. Am testing now.

Hello @Preben,

I have tested same scenario you have mentioned with multiple sheets with new row trigger. It appears that the trigger takes approximately 3-4 minutes to fetch rows, which aligns with expectations, and it’s functioning as intended.

Could you please provide any additional details necessary to replicate the error you’re experiencing?

@kishanprmr , Have you seen the video I shared in the PM at Discord?

Does the “New trigger” count the rows, so if I delete one row later, then it will not count a new row as a new row?

“New trigger” works based on row count internally. So If you delete one row later and then add new one, It will not trigger the flow.

@kishanprmr : What happens if I remove the trigger, add in schedule trigger, and then add in Google Sheet new row trigger again with the same sheet? Does it remember the original count, or does it restart at 0?

It will initialize the count as the current available number of rows. For example, if you have 10 rows in the sheet right now and set up a new row trigger, it will monitor records added after the 10th row.

Perfect, I’ll test right now

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@kishanprmr , the same thing happened today. I started a new project, and the flow that shall trigger when it’s a new row in a G sheet didn’t trigger.

How ever I see that there is a new G sheet trigger now. I use v0.9.0 that was the newest before the weekend. Is something fixed?

Hi @Preben

We published a fix to update the number after deleting rows, please test 0.9.2 and let me know if you face any issues.

Thank you,

I had v 0.9.0 and the last run was line / row 19 according to the “Runs”. No lines/ rows deleted. And then I added a new line/ row today, and the flow did not trigger.

I have updated to v 0.9.2 now, and added another row (21) now.

It triggered, but did NOT pull any data from the sheet. So it ran the whole flow, without injecting any data at all (!).

Here is the Run’s output from the sheet:

But the row has many columns of content.

Dm’d you on discord @Preben, can you please provide me the run id for run?

Hi @Preben

Seems the google expire the channel that sends the event, and there was issue in renew logic I fixed it and published it in 0.9.3

Did a quick test now, and it seems like this works. Will test more tomorrow. :blush::+1:

This is now fixed in 0.9.4 and tested for over a day, and we confirm it’s working.

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