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Hello, I have created a project to translate text from the rows of column A of Google Sheets (Table 1) to the corresponding rows of column A (Table 2) using Deepl.
My source table is already initially populated. I am unable to use the New Row trigger.
How can I set up the project to have the trigger be an unfilled row in Table 2. Then Activepieces accesses a similar row (with the same number) in table 1 to retrieve the source?
I got some advice on Discord, but it turned out to be complicated for me. :pleading_face: Maybe someone can show an example project with a similar trigger for Google sheets. :pray: :pray: :pray:
P.S.: It is important that the rows correspond (row number): the source row of Table 1 and the execution row of Table 2. :left_right_arrow:

Hey @Dmytro_S !

Just to understand, you have two tables and you want to feed one table to the other with a deepl step in between ? and would you like this to periodically ? like every day ?

Here is an example of such a table:

Table 1 - source text
Table 2 - translated with Deepl
Every minute the text from Table 1 is sent to Deepl and the translated text is placed in Table 2.
If I stop the project and then turn it back on, the text that has already been translated does not need to be translated again. So the trigger should be an unfilled cell in Table 2. Activepieces must get the row number to refer to the cell in Table 1 exactly to the row to continue with.

I was able to make a simple version, but it didn’t process correctly. I made initially 2 empty tables and after starting the project I inserted text into Table 1 to enable trigger. The task was running, but I found inconsistencies in some rows: text translation from row 9 ended up in row 10 of Table 2 and other similar ones.
So I want the trigger to be an empty cell in Table 2 and the source of the text to translate and fill this cell should be a row in Table 1 with the same number.

I want to make sure that when I insert the next 100 rows into Table 1, their translation will be in order and placed in the same rows of Table 2 without confusion.

Basically you should use “Update Row” action instead of “Insert Row” action, put the details of the first table in the “New Row” trigger, and thenin the “Update Row” action use the “rowNumber” given to you by the trigger.

Thank you! I’ll be trying it out, but I’m not sure I have it all figured out. I just started mastering Activepieces yesterday. :sweat_smile:
I was even surprised how I managed to make the 1st project. :laughing:
Maybe someone has a template of such a finished project to share?
I saw in the projects there is a Share button. It is safe: “The template will not have any credentials in connection fields, keeping sensitive information secure.”

I tried it, but got a “Testing Failed” error at step 3 of the runtime: “Expected number, but found value: 1. Embrace the Power of Different Leadership Styles”
I created a link to this project where I got the error message: Activepieces
What needs to be fixed here?
Or what other option to use?

I believe the reason is that the value you selected in row number is the text “1. Embrace the Power of Different Leadership Styles,” as per your template, which corresponds to column A in your Google Sheets.

I suggest selecting the row number from the trigger as follows:

I think that should fix your issue

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Thank you! That helped )
Now the strings match.

Now I have to solve the problem, how to make an unfilled row in the table of completed tasks a trigger?
My source table 1 is already initially filled. I can’t use the New Row trigger.
How do I set up the project so that the trigger is an unfilled row in table 2. Activepieces then accesses a similar row (with the same number) in table 1 to retrieve the source?
My current project looks like this:

Are you saying that you’d like to have an Row Updated trigger for Google Sheets so that when you update a row the flow is triggered?

We don’t have this trigger yet but I think we should work on it.


When you get to the bottom of this, it would be wonderful if you could do a video explaining how you did it.

This looks like a really interesting (and educational) flow for us all to experiment with!


This trigger is absolutely vital in my workflow, it opens up a lot of possibilities

Any ETA for this? thanks

As far as I know, we’re doing some work on making the Google Sheets main triggers realtime. So maybe I can explore this with the team too.

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