Transcribe Audio File in Google Drive with ChatGPT

I am trying to load an audio file into a folder in Google Drive, read the file, transcribe the file with ChatGPT and then put the transcribed text into another folder in Google drive. I hope the picture below shows what is happening. I am able to successfully test steps 1 & 2. Step 3 fails the test (seen on the right with part of the error message). However, when I test the flow, it works and you can see the output text on the left. Not sure why.

My goal is to save the output text in a file in Google drive. Before I can do this, it asks me to test the transcribe audio in ChatGPT but it fails.

Can you tell me what I need to do?



Hello @Jay_E and welcome to our community :heart:

Could you please inform us of your file size? we currently have a 3 mbs limit, I would recommend you compress your audio files before uploading them to Google drive.

Hi Abdul,

Thanks for getting back to me! The file is 1MB.



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