Top tier plan from Appsumo will not have Whitelabel

I believe that top tier should have whitelabel features along with projects, like what sessions did.

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Hi @Nikhil_Sharma and welcome to Activepieces!

You’re right that this is not included in any of our LTDs. Sessions is different, the only way to use it is to expose it to external users/customers so the value of whitelabelling is more important to you when you use it.

Activepieces is mainly used internally. If your goal is to invite external customers to it, this is an upgraded use case to what we sell as LTD. You can check out our offerings here.

here is the correct link

Hehe thanks @Bram I fixed it

Get us a deal for whitelabel too or a low monthly addon? :saluting_face:

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I just want audit logs :sob:

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