Timed-Out run after 600 seconds, can this be set to 1200 seconds?

Hi AP Team,

If i see it correct in the error, there is only an allowance to rune a flow for 600 seconds? is this correct. Would it be possible ot extend this to 1200 seconds? as I think i will be on the save side if i have that.

Or when you go to runs have the option to manually let it continue where it left and have another 10 minute run, that would already be of great help!

Hi @Bram

It’s possible on self hosted environment, but I think the workaround is to split into multiple flows, can you explain how many iterations is there and why it takes that long?

Hi @abuaboud,

I had to ran around 100 items. So maybe that is the issue. For now I am expecting a daily run of around 25 items so o hope that will solve the issue. I understand that for the cloud you can’t let it run endlessly. But the possibility to continue the run after a time out would be great, in that way you can always continue where u left on another 10 minute run.

Hope this could be an option in the future.

Kr Bram