TidyCal to a Gmail auto response email

I am newer to using Activepieces and still figuring things out. I have made a few flows that are all working just fine, but I am running into an error on this new one. I have a flow set so that when there is a new booking on TidyCal it will send an automated email to the person that has made the booking. I keep getting this issue when testing though.

I feel like it is probably something simple and I am just overthinking the issue here. Any help would be awesome. Thank you in advance!

It seems authentication issue, can you please make sure you paste the correct API Key from TidyCal?

It seems to be the right API key, I ran another test and it is showing a green check mark on TidyCall but on the Gmail it is failing. I disconnected the gmail and reconnected it to see if that was it but, still the same issue.

I’ll move this to Bugs as Gmail shouldn’t give you invalid credentials since you login with your account there, until someone in the team debugs it and confirms

Hi @AKLeanVA we did small an update to help us debug further, can you please reconnect your account and let me know if it succeed, if not can you please tell me what error do you get?

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