ThriveCart integration

ThriveCart integration

Documentation for this onlineshop:


  • product purchase
  • subscription cancelled / payment failed


  • add contact information and purchased procucts to CRM and start a specific campaign
  • give and remove access to online course / community

Use Case: Online Shop β†’ CRM + email marketing + online course / community

i agree and support this feature request. Thrivecart is one of the more popular cart platforms. Such triggers and actions are important. Thank you

This one is extremely important to me. Can Inpay someone to develop this piece. What can I use instead of thrivecart till then?

Yes - adding ThriveCart would be great.

Mainly adding Thrive Cart and intergrating it to:

  • Google Sheets
  • Slack Notifications

And firing off other workflows.

Yes, lets please do this one!! But honestly we need ALL the triggers and Actions.

You can do what you need by sending webhooks to active pieces.

It’s very simple to add the webhook URL to Thrivecart.

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I’m aware but it would be really nice not to have to set it up like that every time.