THINKIFIC integration


THINKIFIC is a leading platform for online courses.

The integration with ActivePieces would greatly enhance THINKIC workflow, Integrations needed such as:

  1. Enrollment Management:
  • Automatically enrolling students in specific courses based on their purchase.
  • Managing course access based on membership plans.
  1. Student Communication:
  • Sending personalized welcome emails upon course enrollment.
  • Triggering follow-up emails and reminders for course progress.
  1. Course Analytics:
  • Syncing student progress and completion data with our CRM.
  • Generating reports to monitor student engagement and performance.
  1. Marketing Automation:
  • Integrating with our marketing tools to track the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Automating targeted marketing based on student behavior and course interaction.

This would be a welcome piece for sure!

Very much desired for me!

This can still be achieved very easily be enabling a webhook in Thinkific and using a webhook trigger in AP.

Head over to https://[your thinkific site]/manage/webhooks/create. Enter your AP webhook and choose a model and topic you care about. Then you’re off to the races.

I have flows in AP for courses purchased, enrollments completed to send off emails and notify our various staff.