There is a bug on the error email alert (in cloud)

Hi, it seems like there is a but on the system that don’t send error data.

There is an error on the image below and it doesn’t send the email alert.

Another problem there is that it show like the alert is active, but if i refresh the page with CTRL + F5 shows like it doesn’t active.

If i make it active after ctrl + f5 and refresh the page is doesn’t work. But if i change the page and go back it show it as working again.

Seems like tehre is some kind of bug in there and i am not sure if it’s active or not but i know that i didn’t get an alert when there was a problem.


Just noticed that thread, I can confirm this is bug let me open a ticket for the team!

Hi there, don’t want to bug but does someone going to fix that??

It seems like a really important part of the system to get notifications about failed runs.
Also i see there is another thread about it for more than one month ago.

Hope you can fix the problem because it’s really important if there is automation that stopped working and we don’t know about it.


The flow failed is working, can you please check runs tab, and make this is turned on?


Thank you,

Hi, thanks for your answer.
It is still not working correctly, there is something wrong there.

I think that when i turn it on or off it doesn’t save it. So even if i turn it on it doesn’t work.

And even if it show it’s turned on after i refresh the page with ctrl + f5 it show it is turned off again.

And something there is very messy, after i see it as off if i go and change pages on the menu (for example go to flows on the left sidebar and then go back to runs) is show it again as on.

But when i refresh the page again with ctrl + f5 it show it again as off and the notifications not working.

There is something messy going on with there that i can’t explain, but at the moment if there are errors i don’t get notifications. I also don’t think that changing that option is really saved.


Let me forward it to the team, I can confirm the issue with update run toggle.

@Abdul can you please take look there

Thank you,

This is fixed and released by @Abdul

Thank you, it seems to be working now.

@abuaboud sorry i was wrong.
The button now works but the system still don’t send mail when there is a an error.

I have testing it now, with 2 errors but i didn’t got the email.
Did you test the email part as well or just the button?

Hi there buddy, this should be fixed now, bare in mind, we notify you once every three hours on each flow’s failure.

Hi, thanks for your answer.

Hope that in the future you will add the ability to control the notify time.
3 hours is a lot of time if it’s important autoamation that runs every minute.

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