Text helper + Notion Create Database Item

When i try to fill notion database item(email) with Text helper result, it will cause ‘property.map is not a function’

In the third step for the email, what is the output of the text helper action? Is it a valid email address?

Yes, it is a valid email. Moreover, even if it were not a valid email address, it would not affect the addition to Notion (It would still work even with an invalid email address I have try that).

Can you check the other field where you have passed the company name using the text helper? Is it in the correct format, like plain text and not an array of strings?

Is all plain text, I can successfully create a new entry by changing the email to input instead of using a Dynamic value. However, the response I get for email is also in plain text.

Has there been any progress on this issue?

Hello @Johnny_Wong ,I was able to reproduce the issue. The email field is of the type “Person” or “People” column in the Notion table. For this field, you need to select the user from the dropdown instead of directly entering email for it. If “Email” field is of type of “Email” in notion table, you can directly pass email address for it.

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Sorry, I always thought it was an issue with Activepieces. I wouldn’t have realized it was a problem with the Notion DB column settings if you hadn’t mentioned it. Thank you so much, it had been troubling me for a long time.

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