Testing Failed on Airtable

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I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently working on my first automation project, and I could really use your assistance with it. The goal is to integrate FormCan, a platform for creating surveys, with Airtable, a database management tool.

To give you a better understanding of the issue I’m facing, I’ve created a Notion page that provides more details. You can access it here.

Thank you all in advance for your help. I truly appreciate it.

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Interesting, what value are you expected in the field "Quel âge avez-vous ?

A number, as provided by the Webhook trigger.
Here is a screenshot of Airtable

Ok, I found the issue, by testing on another automation platform.

It was coming from the data conversion. @abuaboud You are right !
FormCan send my numbers as a text field in the Webhook.
The worflow is working if I change, in Airtable, the field
"Quel âge avez-vous ? " from “Number” to “Single Line Text”.

But I need to keep Numbers as “Number” Field, for data analytics purpose.

In the another automation platform, I can parameter “TYPECAST=True”

|typecast|optional< boolean >

The Airtable API will perform best-effort automatic data conversion from string values if the typecast parameter is passed in. Automatic conversion is disabled by default to ensure data integrity, but it may be helpful for integrating with 3rd party data sources.

How can I use this paramater in ActivePieces?

Thank you

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I released a fix for that now, number fields automatically get typecasted to numbers from text. thanks for your insight @AlexandreK, sorry for the late reply.