Telegram webhook bug

The Telegram Bot Piece webhook isn’t allowing to re-test it.

See loom:

I’m not sending any messages into the bot. The Telegram Bot piece simply returns the first ever webhook test run payload a few seconds after I press “re-test”.

Please fix.

Thank you so much!


Folks, is anyone looking at this?

Hi @Evgeny,

I believe we are aware of this issue. It’s due to a limitation in Telegram, which only allows one webhook URL per application. Here’s a suggested workaround:

Create a trigger, and without testing it, publish it directly. This way, you will always see the latest sample data It will record the latest one without need to press on test sample data. Avoid running any load sample data, as doing so will override the older webhook URL. We’ll keep this bug open until we find a solution for this limitation.

Thank you,

Hey Mo,

Thank you for your response.

I’m a little confused.

I’m only using one webhook URL with this app - the one provided by ActivePieces.

Then, when I moved to Pabbly, I didn’t experience any such issues. Each time I re-capture the response of the webhook, Pabbly’s Telegram trigger module captures the new webhook payload and correctly displays it.

I’m not sure this is a Telegram limitation.


@Evgeny This is has been fixed, test function load latest five messages now.

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